What Should I Expect When I Visit FaithWorks?

You should expect to be greeted with a warm, genuine smile and be invited into a time of worship with others.

What will the worship gathering be like?
We do some singing (contemporary worship songs), hear a Scripture reading, pray, and learn from a practical teaching time (sermon). Part-way through our evening, children from kindergarten through grade 8 are invited to attend Pods (church on their level). Nursery care is provided for children under age 5.

How long does the worship gathering last?
Our worship gatherings typically last for about 1 1/4 hours, but everyone is invited to stick around for awhile to visit over coffee and snack

What should I wear?
We dress pretty casually at church. We are relaxed about what we wear, but take our faith seriously and seek to grow in relationship with Christ together. Please dress in what makes you feel comfortable.

What about my kids – do they come into the service with me or is there something  happening for them?
Part way through our evening, kids age 5 through grade 8 are invited to attend PODS (church on their level) with nursery being offered for ages 0-4 years old. This allows you to receive the most from your experience at FaithWorks, while your child receives high levels of care, attention, teaching, and fun!

Do you have communion?
We celebrate communion every other week. We practice believers communion, meaning that if a person has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, they are invited to participate in communion. One doesn’t have to be baptized to take communion at FaithWorks, although we do strongly encourage people to be baptized if they have made a decision for Christ.

How large is the group?
We have just over 100 people attending a regular service, including a lot of young kids. There is always a seat open for you!

Will I need to say, sign or give anything?
At FaithWork you will never be put on the spot. As a guest you won’t be asked to give money or “register” your attendance. Our hope is that you’ll let the service be our gift to you and that you’ll know we’re here to serve you.