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7 Steps To Transform Your Church Hull, Bill
A 2nd Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul  
A Church For The 21st Century Anderson, Leith
A Critique of Pastoral Care Pattison, Stephen
A Farewell to Arms Hemingway, Ernest
A Forgiving God In An Unforgiving World Davis, Ron Lee
A Grief Observed Lewis, C.S.
A Handbook for Followers of Jesus Pratney, Winkie
A History of Christian Missions Neill, Stephen
A History Of Israel Bright, John
A History Of The Mennonite Brethren Church Toews, J. A.
A Journey Of Faith - An Autobiography Ewert, David
A Kingdom Manifesto Snyder, Howard A.
A Man after the Heart of God Epp, Theodore H.
A Manual for Evangelism/Church Growth Gerber, Vergil
A Modest Proposal - For Peace, Prosperity and Happiness Schaeffer, Franky
A People Apart - Ethnicity and the Mennonite Brethren Redekop, John H.
A Primer On Postmodernism Grenz, Stanley J.
A Short Life Of Christ Harrison, Everett F.
A Spiritual Formation Workgroup - Small Group Resources for Nurturing Christian Growth Smith, James Bryan & Lynda Graybeal
A Tale Of Three Kings Edwards, Gene
A Theological Word Book of the Bible Richardson, Alan
Affliction - A compassionate Christian look at understanding the reality of pain and suffering in our lives Schaeffer, Edith
Aging - The Fulfillment of Life Nouwen, Henri J. M.
All Are Witnesses - A Collection of Sermons By Mennonite Brethren Women Friesen, Delores (Editor)
All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten - Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things Fulghum, Robert
All The Business Of Life - Bringing Theology Down To Earth Banks, Robert
Alternative Services Anglican Church Of Canada
Amazing Grace – A Vocabulary of Faith Norris, Kathleeen
An Approach To Problems Of Christian Ethics Ewert, David
An Historical Survey of the Old Testament Merrill, Eugene H.
An Introduction to Mennonite History Dyck, Cornelius J.
An Introduction to The Bible - A Journey Into Three Worlds Hauer, Christian E.
Anabaptism in Outline Klaassen, Walter (Editor)
Anabaptist Theology In The Face Of Postmodernity Weaver, J. Denny
Anatomy of the Fourth Gospel - A Study in Literary Design Culpepper, R. Alan
And Then Comes the End Ewert, David
Angels – God’s Secret Agents Graham, Billy
Antagonists in the Church Haugk, Kenneth C.
Apocalyptic Morris, Leon
As A Parish Ministry Alkire, Jan and Leo Thomas
As A Parish Ministry Thomas, Leo and Jan Alkire
Ashamed of the Gospel – When the Church becomes like the world MacArthur, John F.
Baptism: Its Purpose, Practice and Power Green, Michael
Be My Witness Guder, Darrel L.
Becoming Anabaptist Weaver, J. Denny
Before I Thee Wed - A guide to help engaged couples prepare for marriage Self, Carolyn Shealy
Benchmarks of Quality in the Church Sawchuck, Norman
Beyond Church Growth - Action Plans For Developing A Dynamic Church Logan, Robert E.
Beyond Sex Roles - What the Bible Says About a Woman's Place in Church and Family Bilezikian, Gilbert
Biblical Ethics and Social Change Mott, Stephen
Boundaries - When to Say Yes - When to Say No - To Take Control of Your Life Cloud, Henry
Breaking the Prayer Barrier Baughen, Michael
Bridges Not Walls - A Book About Interpersonal Communication Stewart, John (Editor)
Bridging Troubled Waters - The Mennonite Brethren at Mid-Twentieth Century Toews, Paul (Editor)
Building A Contagious Church Mittleberg, Mark
Cages of Pain - Healing for Dissolusioned Christians Aeschliman, Gordon
Called To A Vocation Ens, Carl
Can God Be Trusted Stackhouse, John G.
Can We Save The Evangelical Church? Hull, Bill
Carpe Diem Campollo, Tony
Carpe Manana - Before Tomorrow Seizes You Pritchett, Price
Celebration of Discipline Foster, Richard
Chicken Soup For The Soul - 101 Stories To Open The Heart And Rekindle The Spirit  
Chicken Soup for the Soul - Christmas Treasury  
Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul  
Choices - Making Right Decisions In A Complex World Smedes, Lewis B.
Choices / Changes Tada. Joni Eareckson
Christ and Culture Niebuhr, Richard
Christian Science Martin, Walter
Chuch Without Walls Petersen, Jim
Church Leadership - Vision, Team, Culture and Integrity Weems, Jr., Lovett H.
Church: Between Gospel & Culture Edited by: Hunsberger, George R.
Churches That Pray Wagner, Peter C.
City of God, City of Satan Linthicum, Robert C.
Come Before Winter Swindoll, Charles
Conflict Ministry in the Church McSwain, Larry L. and William C. Treadwell
Conflict Ministry in the Church Treadwell, William C. and Larry L. McSwain
Confronting The New Age Martin, Walter
Connecting with God – 14 ways churches can help people grow spiritually Miller, Herb
Conversation With God Ogilvie, Lloyd J.
Conversion: Doorway To Discipleship Schmidt, Henry J.
Created for Community Grenz, Stanley J.
Creating a Healthier Church Richardson, Ronald W.
Creative Personal Bible Study Richards, Lawrence O.
Crusade Evangelism and the Local Church Huston, Sterling W.
Cults and Isms Spittler, Russel P.
Czars, Soviets & Mennonites Toews, John B.
Dare to Discipline Dobson, James
Death of the Church Regele, Mike
Desires in Conflict – Answering the Struggle for Sexual Identity Dallas, Joe
Developing A Divorce Recovery Ministry Flanagan, Bill
Developing An Effective Worship Ministry Kraeuter, Tom
Dial 911 - Peaceful Christians and Urban Violence Jackson, Dave
Diary of Anna Baerg (1916-1924)  
Did Jesus Rise From The Dead? Habermas, Gary
Did Jesus Rise From The Dead? Habermas, Gary
Difficult Funeral Services Christensen, James L.
Dilemmas - A Christian Approach to Moral Decision Making Higginson, Richard
Disciplemakers' Handbook Fryling, Alice
Dropping Your Guard - The Value of Open Relationships Swindoll, Charles
Dying to Change - An Exposure of the Self-Protecting Strategies Which Prevent Us Becoming Like Jesus  
Dying Well Vaux, Kenneth L.
Eerdman’s Book Of Christian Classics  
Eerdmans' Atlas of the Bible - With A-Z Guide To Places  
Effective Church Leadership - Building on the Twelve Keys Callahan, Kennon L.
Effective Pastors for a New Century Means, James E.
Engaging The Enemy - How to Fight and Defeat Territorial Spirits Wagner, Peter C.
Eros Defiled - The Christian and Sexual Sin White, John
Essays on Biblical Interpretation Swartley, Willard - Editor
Ethics Bonhoeffer, Dietrich
Evangelism as a Lifestyle Petersen, Jim
Everyone Wants to Go to Heaven But…. Wilson, C. McNair
Evidence That Demands A Verdict – Vol. 1 McDowell, Josh
Excellence in Leadership (2) White, John
Exile in the Fatherland - Martin Niemoller's Letters From Moabit Prison Locke, Hubert G.
False Intimacy - Understanding The Struggle Of Sexual Addiction Schaumburg, Harry W.
Family Therapy Kemp, Vande
Finding God in Unexpected Places Yancey, Philip
Finding God On The Train Hamlin, Rick
Five Loaves and two small fish Toews, Margaret Penner
Flames of Freedom Lutzer, Erwin W.
Foolishness to the Greeks Newbigin, Lesslie
Forging a RealWorld Faith MacDonald, Gordon
Francis Schaeffer - The Man And His Message Parkhurst, Louis Gifford Jr.
Fred 'n' Erma Miller, Calvin
Fresh Faith Cymbala, Jim
Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire Cymbala, Jim
Friendship - A Window on Ministry to Youth Posterski, Don
From Sect To Denomination - Church Types and their Implications for Mennonite Brethren History Kyle, Richard G.
From The Tower of Babel To Parliament Hill - How to Be a Christian in Canada Today Stiller, Brian C.
Future Worship Boschman, Lamar
Gandhi - His Life and Message For The World Fischer, Louis
George Muller - Man of Faith and Miracles Miller, Basil
God & Your Stuff Willmer, Wesley K.
God Came Near Lucado, Max
God The Worker - Journeys Into The Mind, Heart and Imagination of God Banks, Robert
God, Action, and Embodiment Tracy, Thomas F.
God’s Missionary People – Rethinking the Purpose of the local church Van Engen, Charles
Good Mourning - Help and Understanding in Time of Pregnancy Loss Morrow, Gordon
Good Things Come In Small Groups  
Gospel Parallels - A Synopsis Of The First Three Gospels Throckmorton, Burton H.
Growing In Faith Yount, David
Growing in the Prophetic Bickle, Mike
Growing Strong In The Seasons Of Life Swindoll, Charles
Growing Up Straight - What Every Family Should Know About Homosexuality Rekers, Dr. George A.
Guide To Faith Harder, Helmut
Halftime - Changing Your Game Plan From Success To Significance Buford, Bob
Handbook of Structured Techniques In Marriage & Family Therapy Sherman, Robert
Hard Sayings Of Jesus Bruce, F.F.
Healing MacNut, Francis
Healing For Damaged Emotions Seamands, David
Heart After God Palau, Luis
Hollywood Dreams & Biblical Stories Scott, Bernard Brandon
Hoof 'N Mouth Disease - Biblical Monologues And How To Do Them Thorn, Edward W.
Hope within History Bruggemann, Walter
How Now Shall We Live Colson, Charles and Nancy Pearcey
How Now Shall We Live Pearcey, Nancy and Charles Colson
How Religious Is God? Stevens, Oliver
How the Bible came to Us Ewert, David
How To Be Pentecostal Without Speaking in Tongues Campollo, Tony
How To Give Away Your Faith Little, Paul
How To Pray In The Spirit Bunyan, John
How To Reach Secular People Hunter, George R. III
How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth Fee, Gordon D. and Douglas Stewart
How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth Stuart, Douglas and Gordon D. Fee
Human Sexuality In The Christian Life  
I Believe in the Great Commission Warren, Max
I Loved This People Bonhoeffer, Dietrich
Identity and Faith - Youth in a Believer's Church Martin, Maurice
If I Were Starting My Ministry Again - Timeless Instructions and Life Changing Wisdom Drescher, John M.
Imagining a Church in the Spirit – A Task for Mainline Congregations Johnson, Ben C. and Glenn McDonald
Imagining a Church in the Spirit – A Task for Mainline Congregations McDonald, Glenn and Ben C. Johnson
Improving Your Multiple Staff Ministry - How to Work Together More Effectively Nuechterlein, Anne Marie
Improving Your Serve Swindoll, Charles
In His Presence Schaper, Robert N.
In His Steps Sheldon, Charles
In Seach Of Hidden Heroes - Evidence that God Is at Work Moore, Don & Dueck, Lorna
In Search of Stones Peck, Scott M.
In The Eye Of The Storm Lucado, Max
In The Eye Of The Storm - He Still Moves Stones - A Gentle Thunder Lucado, Max
In the Footsteps of Jesus - One Man's Journey Marchiano, Bruce
In The Gap Bryant, David
In The Presence Of God Sproul, R.C.
In The Presence Of God - Readings For Christian Marriage Mace, David & Vera
Inner Bonding - Becoming A Loving Adult To Your Inner Child Paul, Margaret
Intended for Pleasure - Sex Technique and Sexual Fullfillment in Christian Marriage Wheat, Ed
Jehovah's Witnesses Answered Verse By Verse Reed, David A.
Jesus CEO - Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership Jones, Laurie B.
Jesus For A New Generation - Putting the Gospel in the Language of Xers Ford, Graham
Jesus in Blue Jeans Jones, Laurie B.
Jesus Rediscovered Muggeridge, Malcom
Jesus: A New Vision Borg, Marcus J.
Jesus: God’s Emptiness – God’s Fullness Reid, Jennings B.
Kane and Abel Archer, Jefferey
Kingdom of God Green, Joel
Know Why You Believe (2) Little, Paul
Knowing The Face Of God Stafford, Tim
Lament For A Son Wolterstorff, Nicholas
Leadership For New Life Pytches, David
Leadership In Christian Ministry Means, James E.
Leadership That Works Andersen, Lieth
Leading & Managing Your Church George, Carl F. and Robert E. Logan
Leading & Managing Your Church Logan, Robert E. and Carl F. George
Lessons from the Land of the Bible Wagner, Clarence H.
Let Justice Roll Down Perkins, John
Life With Promise - Marriage As A Covenant Venture Martens, Larry
Life-Style Evangelism - Crossing Traditional Boundaries to Reach the Unbelieving World Aldrich, Joseph C.
Little House on the Freeway Kimmel, Tim
Live it up! - How To Create a Life You Can Love Sine, Tom
Liverating The Gospels - Reading the Bible with Jewish Eyes Spong, John Shelby
Living Above The Level Of Mediocrity - A Commitment to Excellence Swindoll, Charles
Living Above The Level Of Mediocrity - A Commitment to Excellence Swindoll, Charles
Living Beyond The Daily Grind - Book 1 Swindoll, Charles
Living Beyond The Daily Grind - Book 2 Swindoll, Charles
Living On The Ragged Edge - Come to Terms with Reality - Bible Study Guide Swindoll, Charles
Looking Back In Faith Manitoba Mennonite Brethren Centennial
Lord, Teach Us – The Lord’s Prayer & the Christian Life Hauerwas, Stanley and William H. Willimon
Lord, Teach Us – The Lord’s Prayer & the Christian Life Willimon, William H. and Stanley Hauerwas
Lord, Teach Us To Pray Boers, Arthur P.
Make A Life, Not Just A Living - 10 Timeless Life Skills That Will Maximize Your Real Net Worth Jenson, Ron
Man as male and female Jewett, Paul K.
Man In God's World Thielicke, Helmut
Manners & Customs In The Bible Matthews, Victor H.
Margin - Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves To Overloaded Lives Swenson, Richard A.
Mastering Outreach & Evangelism Ratz, Calvin & Tillapaugh, Frank
Mastering Transitions Bratcher, Ed
Maximize Your Ministry Slocum, Robert E.
Mennonite Confessions of Faith Loewen, Howard John
Mennonites and Their Heritage Bender, Harold S.
Mentoring - The Strategy of The Master Lee Davis, Ron
Mere Christianity Lewis, C.S.
Ministry In Daily Life - A Practical Guide For Congregations Diehl, William
Models of the Kingdom Snyder, Howard A.
My Utmost for His Highest Chambers, Oswald
Natural Church Development Schalk, Christoph and Christian A. Schwarz
Natural Church Development Schwarz, Christian A. and Christoph Schalk
New Beginnings - A Pastorate Start Up Workbook Oswald, Roy M.
Not by the Sword - How the Love of a Cantor and His Family Transformed a Klansman Watterson, Kathryn
Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be – A Breviary of Sin Plantinga, Cornelius
Nuclear Holocaust & Christian Hope Sider, Ronald J. and Richard K. Taylor
Nuclear Holocaust & Christian Hope Taylor, Richard K. and Ronald J. Sider
Old Testament Theology: Basic Issues In The Current Debate Hasel, Gerhard
On Captial Punishment Martens, Elmer A. and John H. Redekop
On Captial Punishment Redekop, John H. and Elmer A. Martens
One-Sided Christianity – Uniting the Church to heal a Lost and Broken World Sider, Ronald J.
Ordering Your Private World MacDonald, Gordon
Ordinary Miracles - Life In A Small Church Taylor, Nick
Our Greatest Gift Nouwen, Henri J. M.
Our Share of Night, Our Share of Morning Fuchs, Nancy
Out of the Salt Shaker & into the World - Evangelism as a Way of Life Pippert, Rebecca Manley
Outgrowing the Ingrown Church Miller, John C.
Pain: The Gift Nobody Wants Yancey, Philip & Brand, Paul
Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God Fee, Gordon D.
Pauline Christianity Ziesler, John
Peacemaking Brunk, Conrad G.
People In The Presence Of God Liesch, Barry
People Skills - How to assert youself, Listen to others, Resolve Conflicts Bolton, Robert
Perilous Journey - The Mennonite Brethren In Russia 1860-1910 Toews, John B.
Persuasion and Social Movements Stewart, Charles
Piercing The Darkness Peretti, Frank
Pilgrims & Strangers - Essays in Mennonite Brethren History Toews, Paul (Editor)
Pilgrim's Progress - In Modern English Bunyan, John
Pouring New Wine into Old Wineskins – How to change a church without destroying it Malphurs, Aubrey
Power Healing Springer, Kevin and John Wimber
Power Healing Wimber, John and Kevin Springer
Powers of Darkness - Principalities & Powers in Paul's Letters Arnold, Clinton E.
Pray In This Way – Sermons On The Lord’s Prayer Stroman, John
Pray Like Jesus: An Exploration of Prayer Brokhof, John R.
Praying The Lord's Prayer For Spiritual Breakthrough Towns, Elmer L.
Preaching About Conflict in the Local Church Willimon, William H.
Preaching and the Literary Forms of the Bible Long, Thomas G.
Preaching from the Old Testament Achtemeier, Elizabeth
Preaching On Suffering And A God Of Love Young, Henry James
Prevailing Prayer Moody, Dwight L.
Primary Speech – A Psychology of Prayer Ulanov, Ann & Barry
Problem-Solving Therapy Haley, Jay
Proper Confidence - faith, doubt & certainty in christian discipleship Newbigin, Lesslie
Prophesy! - A practical guide to develop your prophetic gifting Collins, Bruce
Psychiatric Glossary APA
Purpose In Prayer Bounds, E.M.
Rabboni Keller, W. Phillip
Readings in Third World Missions - A Collection of Essential Documents Edited by: Nelson, Marlin L.
Reason Enough Pinnock, Clark H.
Reclaiming The Bible For The Church Braaten, Carl E. & Jenson, Robert W. (Editors)
Recovering The Scandal Of The Cross Baker, Mark D. and Joel B. Green
Recovering The Scandal Of The Cross Green, Joel B. and Mark D. Baker
Re-Entry White, John W.
Re-Entry II White, John W.
Releasing God’s Power – Let Prayer Change Your Life Tirabassi, Becky
Religious No More - Building Communities Of Grace & Freedom Baker, Mark D.
Repairing the Breach - Ministering in Community Conflict Kraybill, Ronald S.
Resident Aliens Hauerwas, Stanley and William H. Willimon
Resident Aliens Willimon, William H. and Stanley Hauerwas
Restoring Your Spiritual Passion MacDonald, Gordon
Revisioning Evangelical Theology - A Fresh Agenda for the 21st Century Grenz, Stanley J.
Revive Us Again – Biblical insights for encouraging spiritual renewal Kaiser, Walter C.
Revolution in World Missions Yohannan, K.P.
Revolution in World Missions Yohannan, K.P.
Rivers of Revival Anderson, Neil T. & Elmer L. Towns
Rogues, Rascals & Rare Gems Unrau, Danny
Roots - The Saga of an American Family Haley, Alex
Sacred Cows Make Gourmet Burgers Easum, William M.
Saints, Sinners & Angels Unrau, Banny
Secret Power Moody, Dwight L.
Secret Strength Tada. Joni Eareckson
Selling Out the Church - The Dangers of Church Marketing Kenneson, Philip D. and James L. Street
Selling Out the Church - The Dangers of Church Marketing Street, James L. and Philip D. Kenneson
Sex and the Single Christian Colman, Barry
Shepherding The Church Stowell, Joseph M.
Situation Ethics - Is it sometimes right to do wrong? Fletcher / Montgomery
Smoke on the Mountain - An Interpretation on the Ten Commandments Davidman, Joy
So You're Looking for a New Preacher Achtemeier, Elizabeth
Soul Care - Caregiving in the Church Kopp, Herb
Soul Salsa Sweet, Leonard
Spiritual Friend Edwards, Tilden
Spiritual Leadership Sanders, Oswald
Still In The Image - Essays in Biblical Theology and Anthropology Janzen, Waldemar
Stop The World I Want To Get On Wagner, Peter C.
Story of the Mennonites Smith's
Strength in Servant Leadership Cedar, Paul A.
Subversive Christianity - Imaging God in a Dangerous Time Walsh, Brian J.
Surprised By Joy Lewis, C.S.
Surprised By The Power Of The Spirit Deere, Jack
Surprised By The Voice Of God Deere, Jack
Surprising Insights From The Unchurched and Proven Ways to Reach Them Rainer, Thom S.
Taking Discipleship Seriously - A Radical Biblical Approach Sine, Tom
Team Spirituality Carter, William J.
The ABC's of Natural Church Development Schwarz, Christian A.
The Anointing Kendall, R.T.
The Applause Of Heaven - When God Whispers Your Name - In The Grip Of Grace Lucado, Max
The Art Of Biblical Narrative Alter, Robert
The Believers' Church Story Ruth, John L.
The Believer's Secret of Holiness Murray, Andrew
The Believer's Secret of the Master's Indwelling Murray, Andrew
The Benefit Of Christ Benedetto, Don and Juan de Valdes
The Benefit Of Christ Valdes, Juan de and Don Benedetto
The Bible and The Church - Essays in honour of Dr. David Ewert Dueck, A.J. & Giesbrecht, H.J. & Shillington, V.G.
The Bible Jesus Read Yancey, Philip
The Bible: A Sustaining Presence In Worship Willimon, William H.
The Big Book on Small Groups Arnold, Jeffrey
The Body – Being Light In Darkness Colson, Charles
The Book Of Daniel Cambridge Bible Commentary - Raymond Hammer
The Book Of Mormon (2 Copies)  
The Celebration of the Lord's Supper Epp, Edwin W.
The Church Comes Home Banks, Robert & Julia
The Church God Blesses Cymbala, Jim
The Church Growth Handbook Easum, William M.
The Church on the Other Side McLaren, Brian
The Church Unleashed - Getting God's People Where the Needs Are Tillapaugh, Frank R.
The Church's Ministry With Families - A Practical Guide Richmond, Diana S.
The Cloister Walk Norris, Kathleeen
The Complete Divorce Recovery Handbook Splinter, John P.
The Disciple Making Church Hull, Bill
The Discipline of Grace Bridges, Jerry
The Drama Of Christmas Kelsey, Morton
The Equipper's Guide Stevens, R. Paul
The Family - A Christian Perspective on the Contemporary Home Balswick, Jack O.
The Fellowship Of The Ring Tolkien, J.R.R.
The Final Quest Joyner, Rick
The Freedom Of Forgiveness Augsburger, David
The Gift For All People Lucado, Max
The God Who Is There Schaffer, Francis
The Gospel In A Pluralist Society Newbigin, Lesslie
The Grapes of Wrath Steinbeck, John
The Greeter's Manual - A Guide for Warm-Hearted Churches Parrott, Leslie
The Incendiary Fellowship Trueblood, Elton
The Jesus I Never Knew Yancey, Philip
The Kingdom of God in History Viviano, Benedict T.
The Kingdom of God Is a Party Campollo, Tony
The Kingdom of the Cults Martin, Walter R.
The Kneeling Christian  
The Land Bruggemann, Walter
the letters of Paul - Conversations In Context Roetzel, Calvin J.
The Macmillan Bible Atlas Aharoni, Yohanan
The Mary Miracle Hayford, Jack
The Master Plan of Discipleship Coleman, Robert E.
The Mennonite Brotherhood In Russia (1789-1910) Friesen, P.M.
The Mennonite Mosaic - Identity and Modernization Kauffman, J. Howard
The Monday Connection Diehl, William E.
The Mormon Papers - Are Mormon Scriptures Reliable? Ropp, Harry L.
The Mustard Seed Conspiracy - You Can Make a Difference in Tomorrow's Troubled World Sine, Tom
The Mystery of the Eucharist Thurian, Max
The New Reformation Ogden, Greg
The New Unger's Bible Handbook  
The New Worship Liesch, Barry
The Newlywed Book - Over-morning-coffee meditations for married couples in love Coleman, William L.
The Opening of The Christian Mind Gill, David W.
The Pastor Evangelist - Preacher, Model and Mobilizer for Church Growth Greenway, Roger S.
The People of God - A Mennonite Interpretation of the Free Church Tradition Bender, Ross Thomas
The Power Of The Lamb Nickel, G. and J. Toews
The Power Of The Lamb Toews, J. and G. Nickel
The Power Of Vision Barna, George
The Practice Of Godliness Bridges, Jerry
The Prayer of Jabez - Breaking Through to the Blessed Life Wilkinson, Bruce
The Promise Card, Michael
The Purpose Driven Church Warren, Rick
The Ragamuffin Gospel Manning, Brennan
The Recovery of the Anabaptist Vision Hershberger, Guy F.
The Return Of The Prodigal Son Nouwen, Henri J. M.
The Revived Church Helland, Roger
The Road to Bithynia Slaughter, Frank G.
The Screwtape Letters Lewis, C.S.
The Shadow of the Galilean Theissen, Gerd
The Spirit Of The Disciplines Willard, Dallas
The Team Philosophy Of Ministry  
The Untapped Power Of Sheer Christianity Pinnock, Clark H.
The Urban Christian Bakke, Ray
The Wealthy Barber - The Common Sense Guide to Successful Planning Chilton, David
The World At War – The Church At Peace Bonk, Jon
The Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary  
This People, This Parish Hudnut, Robert K.
This Present Darkness Peretti, Frank
This We Believe Waltner, James H.
This We Believe - Leaders Guide Enns, Herman
This We Believe - The Good News Of Jesus Christ For The World  
Thoughts for the Quiet Hour Moody, Dwight L.
Three Generations Mcintosh, Gary L.
Three Steps Forward - Two Steps Back Swindoll, Charles
Through the Shadowlands Lewis, C.S.
To Corinth with Love Green, Michael
Together On A Tightrope - How to maintain balance in your relationships when life has you off balance Fowler, Richard
Toward An Exegetical Theology Kaiser, Walter C.
Tracks in the Straw - Tales Spun From The Manger Loder, Ted
Transculturation - The Cultural Factor in Translation and Other Communication Tasks Shaw, Daniel R.
Transforming Leadership Ford, Leighton
Transforming Mission - Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission Bosch, David J.
Transforming Vision – Shaping a Christian WorldView Middleton, Richard J. and Brian J. Walsh
Transforming Vision – Shaping a Christian WorldView Walsh, Brian J. and Richard J. Middleton
Tried & Transfigured Ravenhill, Leonard
True to You - Living Our Faith In Our Mult-Minded World Posterski, Don
Turnaround Churches Barna, George
Two From Galilee - A Love Story Of Mary And Joseph Holmes, Marjorie
Understanding Leadership - Fresh Perspectives on the Essentials of New Testament Leadership Marshall, Tom
Understanding People: Children, Youth, Adults Brubaker, Omar J. & Clark, Robert E.
Understanding The Old Testament  
Uneasy Manhood - The Quest for Self-Understanding Hicks, Robert
Unknown Gods Bibby, Reginald W.
Unmasking the New Age Groothuis, Douglas R.
Ventures in Discipleship - A Handbook for Groups or Individuals Martin, John R.
Voices From The Bible - Dramatic Monologues in Worship Metcalf, Calvin S.
Volume I - Involvement: Being a Responsible Christian in a Non-Christian Society Stott, John
Waiting on God Murray, Andrew
Wake Up America! Campollo, Tony
Walls or Bridges - How To Build Relationships that Glorify God Johnson, Jon
Wanted: World Christians Kane, Herbert J.
War & Peace Tolstoy, Leo
What Would You Do? Yoder, John H.
What's So Amazing About Grace Yancey, Philip
When A Leader Falls Winerbrenner, Jan
When Christ Comes Lucado, Max
When Gods Die - An Introduction to John of the Cross Welch, John
When Good People Quarrel Kreider, Robert S.
When Someone You Love Is Dying Upson, Norma
When The Spirit Comes With Power - Signs & Wonders among God's People White, John
Who Are The Mennonite Brethren? Wiebe, Katie Funk
Why Cults Succeed Where The Church Fails Enroth, Ronald M.
Why Not? – Accepting Christs Healing and Wholeness Ogilvie, Llyod J.
Why Suicide - What Parents & Teachers Must Know to Save Our Kids Johnson, Jerry
With Justice For All Perkins, John
Word, Water, Wine and Bread Willimon, William H.
Working the Angles: The shape of Pastoral Integrity Peterson, Eugene
Worship: Adoration and Action Carson, D.A.
Wounded Healer Nouwen, Henri J. M.
Yahweh Is A Warrior - The Theology of Warfare in Ancient Israel Lind, Millard C.
Yesterday, Today, and What Next? Bainton, Roland H.
Your Home A Lighthouse Jacks, Bob & Betty