FaithWorks Covenant

Believing that God has called me to a life of following Jesus, and believing that call includes being a part of FaithWorks, I joyfully covenant with God and the other participants to embrace the FaithWorks vision and

By God’s grace and in his strength I covenant:


1. to practice and develop a life of spiritual growth and formation by practicing personal spiritual disciplines
2. to pursue a lifestyle of personal holiness and godliness in thought, in word, and in deed
3. to intentionally discern, develop and use the gifts the Holy Spirit has placed within me, both within and outside of the FaithWorks community


4. to attend and participate regularly in FaithWorks gatherings
5. to live authentically in the FaithWorks community, assisting others and accepting help in the spiritual journey
6. to a willingness to become involved in an area of FaithWorks ministry and service
7. to generously support the life and service of FaithWorks with my finances
8. to support and pray for FaithWorks’ ministry leaders
9. to practice a biblical style of conflict resolution within the FaithWorks community (Matthew 18:15-19)


10. to actively pray for, seek to develop, and practically express a love for our neighbours
11. to live a lifestyle of relational evangelism
12. to regularly pray for the world beyond ourselves, for world leaders and for God’s gift of peace