Office administrator Val Glor

I have been married to Gerald since Nov 5, 1994 and am a mother to two adult sons, Luxon and Elijah.

Hobbies & interests:
knitting, cruising, holidaying, camping, getting together with friends for coffee, out for Saturday breakfasts, going to MLB games, watching my son participating in track, having conversation with my son still at home

Favourite books:
A couple of books that have really impacted my life are:

  • Passion for Jesus by Mike Bickle
  • How to Stop the Pain by James Richards
  • On a lighter reading side, I like books by Karen Kingsbury and Bodie Thoene.

    Favourite music:
    Jesus Culture, Chris Tomlin, Philips Craig & Dean, Brian Doerksen
    Things I’d like to learn more about or try:
    Toast Masters, spending a winter in a warmer place
    Favourite TV shows:
    Home improvement shows, House Hunters International
    If I could be doing anything right now:
    I’d be sitting by the ocean listening to the crashing waves
    More about me:
    I am pursuing a life where I throw off the things that hold me back, that I get so easily entangled in, so that I can run with endurance the race that God has given me.