Office administrator Val Glor

I have been married to Gerald since Nov 5, 1994 and am a mother to two adult sons, Luxon and Elijah.

Hobbies & interests:
knitting, cruising, holidaying, camping, getting together with friends for coffee, out for Saturday breakfasts, going to MLB games, watching my son participating in track, having conversation with my son who still lives at home.

Favourite books:
A couple of books that have really impacted my life are:

  • Passion for Jesus by Mike Bickle
  • How to Stop the Pain by James Richards
  • On a lighter reading side, I like books by Karen Kingsbury and Bodie Thoene.

    Favourite music:
    Jesus Culture, Chris Tomlin, Philips Craig & Dean, Brian Doerksen
    Things I’d like to learn more about or try:
    Toast Masters, spending a winter in a warmer place
    Favourite TV shows:
    Home improvement shows, House Hunters International
    If I could be doing anything right now:
    I’d be sitting by the ocean listening to the crashing waves
    More about me:
    I am pursuing a life where I throw off the things that hold me back, that I get so easily entangled in, so that I can run with endurance the race that God has given me.