Pastor Roger Thiessen

I am married to a wonderful woman, a candidate for sainthood for putting up with me for over 25 years. I have two daughters with incredible gifts and character who are going to impact the world and people in amazing ways!


Hobbies and Interests:
I am passionate about everything associated with sports. I especially enjoy golfing. I wish my ability matched my enjoyment. I also love cooking and baking with my youngest daughter.

Favourite Authors:
I like authors who think outside the box, who challenge the status quo. For non-fiction I like Henri Nouwen, Bernard Palmer, Philip Yancey, and Malcolm Gladwell…to name just a few. I also love mysteries by numerous authors.

Favourite Music:
I am an eclectic music listener. From Classic Rock to Classical. I also particularly like the Blues because they reflect the realism of life.

What I’d like to learn more about or try:
Being a person primarily of logic and rationality, I am increasingly intrigued by the artistic pursuits and would like to paint, mainly watercolor.

Favourite TV Shows:
Other than sports. I like House Hunters International and Modern Family.

If I could be doing anything right now:
I would like to own a Harley and take a cross country trip, coast to coast.

More about me:
I want to be authentic, living out the Kingdom of God with greater and greater integrity. Growing up in the church, I have seen more than my share of what I call “Churchianity”. By that I mean the trappings of spirituality without the core of true spiritual transformation. I want to partner with God to make me a true disciple of Jesus.